Growing your law firm depends on your ability to capitalize on a sustainable advantage that competing firms do not have. Digital marketing is the most cost-effective way of reaching customers for local businesses, including law firms. Fortunately, most law firms still invest most of their marketing resources into traditional media because they are still complacent with using outdated strategies that are in rapid decline. Your law firm, therefore, can become the market leader in your service area by adopting the latest approaches to data-driven digital marketing before the established firms realize its potential.

Digital Marketing Is Focused on Your Local Area

Success as an attorney depends on your relationships with other legal professionals in your area and your knowledge of the laws and procedures in your jurisdiction. Additionally, despite the Internet bringing the world closer together, states have been slow to adopt the Uniform Bar Examination and other reciprocity agreements that would enable you to take on clients outside of your local area. Law firms, therefore, need to rely on marketing strategies that focus on clients who live in specific cities, counties, and states.

Law firms often make the mistake of focusing on low-ROI print and radio advertising because geotargeting is straightforward with traditional media. Unfortunately, traditional methods are expensive since they require your firm to canvass your entire community with untargeted methods in hopes that one or two clients might need your services.

Modern data-driven approaches to marketing, such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising, enable you to directly reach prospective clients in your local area without wasting resources by indiscriminately reaching out to everyone.

Clients Search Your Firm Before Making Contact

Buyers in every industry are increasingly turning to the Internet to research solutions and providers before making purchases. A study from BIA/Kelsey found that 97 percent of consumers conduct research online before purchasing from a local company.

When prospective clients search your firm online, their impression of your digital presence has an instrumental role in determining whether they reach out to your firm for an initial consultation. Law firms with an online position that suggests credibility, experience, and relevance are getting most of the calls while firms that lag behind online are chasing prospective clients away.

Most Clients Find Law Firms With Online Search

People in the modern world have become increasingly reliant on the Internet when researching solutions. If you reflect on the research you have conducted in your own life before making purchases in recent days, you are almost certain to find that online information had a pivotal role in your decision-making. You also probably used online information to choose specific products and providers.

Your clients are going through the same information-gathering processes to find solutions to their legal problems. In fact, the seriousness of legal matters means that many clients are conducting extensive and comprehensive research on law firms in their area before ever placing a call.

An extensive body of research has proven that clients are increasingly using the Internet to find law firms. For instance, according to the 2017 Legal Trends Report by Cleo, 37 percent of consumers used an online search engine to find an attorney. In contrast, just 13 percent of consumers relied on television ads, 7 percent of consumers relied on radio ads, and 6 percent of consumers relied on billboards.

Precise Online Targeting Decreases Cost per Lead

The growing proportion of clients who use online information to find law firms is driving down overall marketing costs for law firms that are adopting a modern approach. Using traditional marketing methods to inform your entire service area about the existence of your law firm is prohibitively expensive. In most cities, a handful of firms with enormous marketing budgets broadcast daily ads on radio and television, and these firms get most of the leads from traditional media owing to name recognition.

Expensive ad campaigns, however, entail an extraordinary cost per lead because they can target only a general audience with vague messages that add little value. With digital marketing, your firm can target specific groups of prospective clients who are searching for solutions to legal problems that your firm helps to solve. You can also target warm prospects who have already decided to hire an attorney.

Data-driven online targeting means that your firm will only need to pay to reach prospects who need legal services, so you will not have to waste enormous resources reaching out to your entire community. You can, then, use digital channels to direct prospects toward helpful information that is tailored to their specific needs. The bottom line is that digital marketing enables law firms of all sizes to reach their ideal clients with minimal investment.

Digital Marketing Facilitates Referrals

The 2017 Legal Trends Report showed that 62 percent of respondents found law firms using referrals from friends and family. Most law firms depend on referrals as their primary channel for finding new clients, so many of these firms avoid investing resources into marketing campaigns. Before the digital revolution transformed the world, operating exclusively on the basis of referrals made sense for most law firms.

Today, however, the Internet is changing the way referrals are shared. Satisfied clients are simply sharing the name of their law firm with associates since they expect that a firm can be easily found with an online search. Firms that fail to achieve high visibility, therefore, lose a substantial volume of sales to competitors when referred individuals give up attempting to find a law firm online.

Satisfied clients are also less likely to refer a law firm with a bad online image. As with all buyers in today’s world, referred clients are more likely to look elsewhere when a law firm’s digital presence fails to convey an aura of excellence. You can increase your law firm’s referral base by building an attractive website, staying active on social media, and publishing high-quality content on a regular basis.

Digital Marketing Builds Confidence in Your Firm

People who reach out to a law firm for the first time are, in general, cautious and skeptical because of the pivotal role their attorney will play in their future. Clients who learn about an attorney from a billboard or a radio ad know little about the professional they are considering before entering the buying process, so their trust, therefore, can only be earned over time through experience.

In contrast, digital marketing enables your law firm to prove your ability to get results with informative content that prospective clients can read before the initial consultation. The content your firm publishes online builds trust because it proves that your firm is an expert at solving the problems your clients are experiencing. Your content can provide a general overview of how legal problems can be overcome, and prospective clients who find this information through online searches are almost certain to reach out.

Instead of having your content thrown in a client’s face through traditional advertising methods, clients will find your digital content voluntarily by conducting their own research online. When prospective clients believe they came to their own conclusion that your attorneys are the best professionals available for their needs, they enter the initial consultation ready to sign an agreement and willing to pay a premium for your services. is an agency focused on helping Attorneys and Law Firms position themselves for digital marketing success. We achieve this by working closely with each firm to understand their specific goals and objectives. If you’d like to learn more about how we can position your law firm as the market leader in your market, please visit our Contact page.