Why Choose MarqetLaw

MarqetLaw specializes in helping law firms get results using the latest approaches to digital marketing. Our agency is backed by a management team with more than a decade of experience helping local businesses achieve results using digital channels. A growing number of law firms are starting to recognize that digital marketing yields the highest return on investment and the most opportunities for long-term growth. As more law firms begin to focus their marketing efforts in the digital space, the level of competition will continue to gradually rise. Our agency’s expertise enables us to compete fiercely on behalf of our clients to establish a dominant online position that gets sustainable results.

Full Range of Digital Marketing Services

Our agency is also capable of delivering the full range of digital marketing services that today’s businesses need in order to thrive. We use approaches to search engine optimization that account for the latest search engine technologies, and we help our clients to identify the social media channels that have the highest adoption rates among buyers in their target market. The content we produce is written by professionals who are qualified to write in the field of law. Overall, the unique benefits of our agency ensure that our clients get maximum returns from their investment in digital marketing.

Phil Fisk, Digital Marketing Strategist

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Biography of our Founder

Phil Fisk is the founder of MarqetLaw, a leading digital agency with an exclusive focus on catering to the needs of businesses in the legal services industry. MarqetLaw leverages Fisk’s experience serving the legal industry to match law firms with the right digital marketing services for their needs. Fisk has succeeded at establishing a loyal client base by working closely with business owners to develop comprehensive strategies for meeting their goals, then implementing solutions that exceed their expectations. In a world where digital marketing has become the cornerstone of success in business, Fisk’s approach has transformed more than 500 local businesses with marketing solutions designed to yield lasting value and above-average return on investment.

Before founding MarqetLaw, Fisk founded Coastline Marketing Group in 2007. Fisk’s expertise led the company to become the highest-rated provider in California’s central coast. CMG still retains its position as the leader in its region by offering full-service digital marketing solutions, including SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, social media management, and other services that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Fisk’s professional experience has verified the effectiveness of positioning businesses as market leaders through high-quality content, and CMG has thrived by adopting Fisk’s philosophy that companies can achieve dominance in targeted markets by leveraging content to showcase their expertise across all available channels.

Although most marketing agencies focus on specific tactics, Fisk prefers to look at the bigger picture. Initiating projects by first working in close coordination with a firm’s decision makers to get a 30,000-foot view of their business helps CMG and MarqetLaw to incorporate unique opportunities into every touchpoint of a law firm’s digital presence. The high-level perspective enables the development of a powerful online presence that helps to warm leads by verifying expertise with the help of informative content that buyers can appreciate. Fisk’s clients, therefore, establish an ideal position online that enables them to prove how they are better than the competition while informing potential buyers about the value of making a purchase.

The success Fisk has achieved for his clients has led him to give back by sharing his expertise with local business organizations. In particular, Fisk actively volunteers to help SCORE teach entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses with digital marketing, and he provides education and mentorships to help ambitious individuals make their dreams in business come to life. He regularly gets invitations to speak and teach at industry events for leading organizations, such as:

  • Salinas Chamber of Commerce
  • Carmel Chamber of Commerce
  • Watsonville Chamber of Commerce
  • Successful Thinkers Network
  • Leading Tax Convention Las Vegas
  • Boost Your Business on Facebook

Fisk’s expertise and integrity have built him a reputation as a professional who practices what he preaches. Clients witness first-hand proof that digital marketing gets results since Fisk uses the same methods that he provides to market his own agency’s services. CMG and MarqetLaw primarily rely on digital marketing to attract clients, and searching these businesses online can verify Fisk’s ability to achieve high visibility online.