Use pay per click advertising to build your law firm´s brand awareness, bring more visitors to your website and generate more potential clients

We leverage the power of Facebook and Google´s targeting and audience intelligence to reach the right clients for your law firm.

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Benefits of Google Advertising

Google handles over 5 billion searches per day. Among those are people looking for solutions to legal problems that your law firm can offer.

  • Leverage purchase intent: When people search in Google, they already know what they want.
  • Outrank Competitors: Your competitors are using Google Ads. Can you afford not to?
  • Get Faster Results than SEO: Start getting visitors immediately
  • Google Ads are scalable: Grow your results as you grow your budget.
  • Narrow your Audience: Ads will only reach those clients you really want.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Everyday, the average American spends about 40 minutes just on Facebook. Chances are your clients are too.

  • Your Law Firm needs a fan page: 65 million businesses are using Facebook Pages.
  • Powerful ad targeting options: Facebook ads will help you reach the right audience.
  • Incredibly powerful remarketing: Target potential clients that have already visited your site, and are more likely to be interested in your law services.
  • Turn visitors into clients: Facebook Ads will help you capture qualified leads more frequently.
  • Facebook ads are more affordable than traditional advertising.
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