Law firms have functioned as a cornerstone of prosperity in almost every society since the dawn of civilization. The legal industry, however, is undergoing a radical change that is leveling the playing field for growing law firms while compelling established firms to either adapt or face rapid decline. Your law firm can become the market leader in the years ahead by establishing a strong market position online before competing firms realize the value of the newest approaches to digital marketing.

The Importance of the Internet for Local Law Firms

Law firms add value by conveying qualified expertise to their clients, but people are increasingly able to find the information they need online. Today’s clients research legal issues and law firms using search engines, social media, and other digital sources before reaching out to a qualified attorney. Digital transformation, therefore, presents enormous growth opportunities for firms that implement strategies designed to capture the attention of prospective clients with high-quality digital content and an exceptional online image.

Establish an Exceptional Digital Presence

Buyers in today’s world prefer to conduct their own research when seeking solutions. Objective research enables buyers to compare multiple sources to find the best solutions available and to confirm the validity facts they read. Buyers also use the Internet to research the credibility of providers before making contact. Your law firm, therefore, needs an exceptional digital presence to capture the attention and interest of clients searching for legal services in today’s world.

In most cases, your first step should be to build an excellent website to provide an overview of what you have to offer and to verify that your firm is an established and credible provider of legal services. Your website will function as a base for your future digital marketing efforts, so you should ensure that it is designed in a way that appeals to both search engines and prospective clients.

In the early stages of your marketing efforts, you should also establish accounts on the major social media websites that your clients are using and get placed in local search directories, such as Google Places. Establishing online platforms in the places where your clients are expecting to find your firm will set the foundation for your future success.

Position Your Firm as a Specialized Provider of Premium Services

As you build your online presence and begin publishing content, you should aim to position your firm as a premium provider in your local area. Prospective clients who perceive your firm as the market leader in your field of law will be happy to pay more to get the results they are seeking. When you can charge more for your services, you will enjoy more growth potential since higher margins enable greater scalability. Focusing on excellence will also help to increase your career satisfaction as both clients and other legal professionals seek your unmatched expertise in your area of specialty.

Your digital presence is the most powerful tool available for positioning your firm as a premium provider. You can leverage online channels to differentiate your firm as a unique specialist in fields of law that are underserved in your local area. The content you publish can verify your expertise on specific legal issues, and your firm can become the go-to provider for these legal matters when the quality of your content surpasses what your competitors can demonstrate online.

Aggressively Utilize Content Marketing and Social Media

Once you have established your online presence, the next step is to begin leveraging content to attract new clients. You can publish articles on your website explaining how your law firm helps to solve specific legal problems.

People in your local area searching for answers online will be directed to your content from search engines, and they will look up to your firm as an ideal provider when you are able to present them with clear answers. Although teaching clients how to resolve legal issues might initially seem to discourage them from using your firm’s services, the reality is that they will need to rely on licensed professional counsel once they decide to move forward.

You should also utilize social media on a consistent basis to develop a targeted following in your local area and to promote your content online. Law firms that succeed at nurturing a large following can generate sustainable long-term revenue by reaching out to new and existing clients through social media.

Additionally, sharing links to your content on social media boosts your credibility while encouraging followers to share and link to your content. Search engines will notice when your content generates attention on social media, and this will increase the visibility of your content online.

Make It Easy to Refer Your Firm

Earning referrals is the key to establishing a thriving law practice. According to the 2017 Legal Trends Report by Clio, 62 percent of clients found their law firm with a referral. People looking for legal help often start by reaching out to their friends, family, and business associates to find a professional who is qualified to advocate on their behalf. Your existing clients will be much more willing to refer their associates to your firm when your digital presence presents an image of credibility and success.

Clients refer excellent attorneys because doing so increase their social value. When your firm presents an exceptional image online, clients will feel more inclined to refer your firm because positive impressions of your firm will be passed on to them.

Additionally, prospective clients who are referred to your firm are more likely to reach out for a consultation when they can find your firm online with minimal effort. Clients often mention only the name of your firm to an associate because finding your contact information takes time and effort. Achieving high visibility online, therefore, is a critical prerequisite for the success of any modern law firm, including firms that depend on referrals.

Communicate Effectively With Your Existing Client Base

If you stay in touch with your satisfied clients, they will continue to come back to your firm when legal issues arise. Social media and email marketing are powerful and cost-effective tools for ensuring that your client base keeps your firm in mind. Effective communication with your former clients can generate the majority of your revenue when you grow your subscriber base over time. Law firms that succeed at implementing all the necessary components of a digital marketing strategy can thrive on a sustainable basis for decades to come. is an agency focused on helping Attorneys and Law Firms position themselves for digital marketing success. We achieve this by working closely with each firm to understand their specific goals and objectives. If you’d like to learn more about how we can position your law firm as the market leader in your market, please visit our Contact page