Even if your law firm is already attracting clients and staying productive, making sure you stay current with the latest marketing strategies can help you maintain your position in the competitive legal field. This can help you stay relevant and engaged with clients as the marketplace continues to change.

By working with an established digital marketing team, you can learn the basic steps required to position your law firm for digital marketing success. Your law firm may have survived and even thrived by depending on referrals or word-of-mouth advertising in the past. The future, however, belongs to legal teams with the knowledge and experience needed to market their services effectively in the digital marketplace.

Implementing the 10 powerful strategies outlined below can potentially help your company to achieve a higher degree of success right now and can establish the right foundation for expanding your digital marketing programs in the future.

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1. Create Mobile-Friendly Interfaces

According to statistics compiled by Google in 2016, 30 percent of all searches conducted on a mobile phone are location-based. A more recent study by Google published in 2018 indicated that half of these mobile searches result in a visit to a local store within 24 hours of the search. These figures highlight the importance of the mobile marketplace in driving traffic to your website and attracting clients in the modern business world.

pew research center poll

A 2018 Pew Research Center survey indicates that 77 percent of Americans own smartphones. These devices make it easy to access information and to interact with friends, colleagues and companies from anywhere and at any time. By catering to this ever-growing majority of the U.S. population by optimizing your websites and landing pages for mobile devices, your law firm can set the stage for success.

Making sure your website is mobile-friendly and provides easy access to the most requested information can help you to attract clients in your local community. Be sure to check your website’s performance on several different types of smartphones and mobile devices to ensure the greatest degree of optimization for your clients. Creating mobile-friendly interfaces can help you to establish and solidify your law firm’s position in the online marketplace.

2. Allow Your Clients to Book Appointments Online

A study conducted by Pingup in 2016 indicates that about 40 percent of online bookings occur outside of normal business hours. This represents an opportunity for your law firm to provide added convenience for current and prospective clients by expanding your appointment-setting hours.

Online appointment setting is also ideal for clients who are much more comfortable with texting, chatting and online interfaces than with phone conversations. By offering your clients the choice between booking by phone or booking online, you can build your firm’s reputation for customer service in the legal industry.

Online booking platform for Lawyers and Law Firms: Setmore.com

3. Encourage Client Reviews

Word-of-mouth advertising was once the gold standard for legal marketing in the local community. Today, many of the same people who once looked for referrals from their friends and family are looking to the internet as a source for information on law firms in their area. Encouraging your clients to leave positive reviews can pay off in increased traffic to your website and enhanced visibility and name recognition for your firm.

Another advantage of online reviews for your law firm is their longevity. In many cases, positive reviews are available for reading for years after they were first published. This can allow you to reap the benefits of these positive words well into the future. A high satisfaction rating and good reviews by your clients can instill confidence in newcomers to your legal practice.

Your positive reviews and client testimonials can also find a home on your website to provide references for your law firm. This can provide added information for prospective clients and can showcase the services your firm provides and the benefits your clients have received from your representation. By incorporating testimonials by your satisfied clients, you can make the most positive impression on visitors to your website.

Be sure to claim your law firm on all local and national review sites, including Yelp, Google and Facebook. This can help you to track the public conversation about your firm and to respond to reviews in a positive and affirming way.

Additional Reading: Online Reviews for Lawyers

4. Optimize for Local Searches by Incorporating Hyperlocal Keywords

Hyperlocal SEO is an excellent choice for law firms that wish to target a relatively limited area. Understanding the basics of hyperlocal keywords is critical to your success in reaching potential clients. Used properly, these marketing tools can provide

What are hyperlocal keywords? These words combine a reference to your legal services with the names of universities, monuments, neighborhoods and other important local landmarks. This can allow potential clients to find your law firm more easily in relation to other popular destinations and can establish your location as part of the local community.

At MarqetLaw, we can provide you with the most effective hyperlocal keywords and search terms to help you tailor your content to your target audience. Our consultants can determine the most practical approach to hyperlocal SEO marketing on behalf of your law practice.

5. Produce YouTube Video Guides and Content

Establishing yourself as an authority in the legal field can be a challenging proposition. One of the most effective strategies we have found at MarqetLaw is the production of video guides and tutorials on YouTube and other online video platforms. By sharing your expertise on various legal subjects through these venues, you and your company can project a positive image for potential clients.

• Presenting a professional image in your YouTube videos is essential to create the right impression on your viewers. This includes creating the right background setting and dressing appropriately for the video recording process.
• By choosing a topic that relates directly to your core activities as a law firm, you can drive traffic and attract clients more effectively.
• Present useful and actionable information for your current and prospective clients. For example, if you are a personal injury attorney, your video could be focused on the most important things to remember after a car accident. Business law firms could provide information on incorporation, contract law and other relevant topics in the civil litigation field.
• Know your audience. Gearing your explanations and your presentation to your most likely clients can help you to make the most effective and appealing YouTube videos.

6. Create Listings in Online Legal Directories

Making sure your law firm shows up in primary legal directories can help you to build name recognition within the legal industry. Your listings on these websites can not only enhance your branding efforts but can also create an impression of your firm as a solid and established part of the legal community. Some of the most popular and well-known legal directories include Avvo, Lawyers.com, the National Law Firm Directory, Martindale.com and FindLaw.com.

You should include all of the following information when creating your listing:

• Your name
• The name of your law firm
• Your physical address
• The URL of your website
• Your phone number
• Practice areas for your law firm
• Any other pertinent information for prospective clients

The information you upload should be uniform across all the websites on which you create listings. Making sure your listings on these online legal directories are correct and current can help your potential clients find you more easily. We recommend that you keep a list of all the directories on which your law firm has posted its information. This can make it much easier to update these listings when changes occur.

Resources: MarqetLaw.com can help you with claiming and optimizing online legal directories, start here.

7. Analyze Your Competition

Taking a hard look at what your competitors are doing in terms of digital marketing can help you assess your own position in the legal marketplace. Many law firms make the mistake of ignoring the marketing efforts and strategies of their competitors. This can lead to complacency on the part of law firms that already have an established list of clients.

Analyzing the marketing activities of your closest competitors can provide you with a clear picture of the types of digital marketing strategies that might prove productive for your company. At MarqetLaw, we can put our extensive expertise to work on your behalf to create a workable solution for your company. We can assess your competition to devise a digital marketing plan that can boost your own visibility and can protect your position as a leading provider of legal services in your area.

8. Put Social Media to Work for You

social media icons

Social media sites can provide your law firm with added opportunities to interact with prospective clients in a positive way. Some of the most popular social media venues include the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Each of these sites is best suited for a particular style of interaction and can provide real benefits for your law firm.

Integrating your brand into your posts, tweets and other social media interactions can help you to build name recognition among those in the online community. This can pay off in increased trust and an improved public reputation for your law firm that can help you achieve greater success through digital marketing.

9. Invest in PPC Advertising

What is PPC Advertising?

pay per click snapshot

Pay-per-click advertising, more often referred to as PPC, can be a cost-effective way for savvy law firms to market their services online. Why is PPC Advertising so effective? Paid ads show at just the right moment when people are searching your services. Paid ads are extremely effective for lawyers because they can identify and be shown to people at the exact moment they need a lawyer.

However, there is a downside – Paid ads are becoming increasingly more competitive and more expensive. Even though you only pay per click, those clicks can cost hundreds of dollars in certain instances. So it’s important to know what you are getting into upfront. Dedicated landing pages are a great way to keep your ad relevance high and your cost per click low. You may want to talk to a professional.

Resources: Bing Ads and Google AdWords

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10. Remarket Yourself With Facebook Ads

facebook retargeting infographic

Once you have established a presence on major social media sites, it may be time to target your most likely customers through a technique known as remarketing. Simply put, this strategy analyzes the interactions online users have with search engines and social media sites.

• For example, if a prospective client reaches your Facebook page or website after searching for “divorce attorney in my area,” remarketing ads can present your divorce law firm to the specific individual based on this search history. This can help you make a lasting impression on potential clients who are already searching for legal assistance in your community.
• Similar results can be achieved for law firms that specialize in civil litigation, business law, contract negotiations and many other fields of legal expertise.

By investing in targeted ads that are designed to speak to your most likely clients, you can increase your visibility within the online community. Remarketing ads can provide you with added opportunities to acquire new clients and to reach out to those in need of your services in your area.

Work With A Trusted & Experienced Partner

Working with a trusted digital marketing advisor can be the first step toward positioning your law firm for even greater success in the future. MarqetLaw.com can provide you with the tools and the know-how needed to move into the digital marketing field successfully. Our team of digital marketing professionals has the expertise and experience needed to build the foundation for future success in the online world. By entrusting your digital marketing campaigns to MarqetLaw, you can achieve the most positive results and the greatest staying power in the modern legal marketplace.

Call us today at 831-759-2273 to request information on our digital marketing services. At MarqetLaw, our goal is not to just position attorneys and law firms for digital marketing success, but to keep and maintain that position.

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